we’ve found ourselves becomng ever more drawn to stuff like this of late, perhaps its the time of the year, the lay of Autumnal leaves and the end of summer. perhaps my own personal dilemma seeking some moment removed, frozen and fixed for just a second, who knows. yet where you might hear a melancholy, a forlorning or a tinge of tearfulness, we hear something revealing, intuitive and comforting. this be Itasca with ‘Lily’, a track lifted from a forthcoming full length titled ‘spring out’ through paradise of bachelors. a beautifully woven slice of close intimacy, a drift away delicately distilled in a woody aromatic and shy eyed yearn all softly cut with the kind of mellowing glow and spiritual hazy that once upon a time, adorned the platters of Mazzy Star and the Delgados. arresting stuff.

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