Strain Crack & Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List Volume On

Must admit there’s a lot of head turning ear pricking groove heading out of the Finders Keepers collective these days that we can scarcely keep up, latest addition the welcomed news that Stephen Stapleton and Co have thrown in their lot with the label to curate a special series of releases that delve, pick away and unearth those landmark reference markers that formed Nurse With Wound’s list of labyrinth listening, this first edition condensing matters to plucking out the French only artists from the pack, Germany we believe, are the next subject matter in the series in the series. Alas, the ultra-limited special pressing has long since gone. Anyhow we aren’t going to fill the word space as to the how, why and where from these originated, safe to say, that should you be interested then fill your boots with online research, hell’s teeth it’s not like you have to find this stuff for yourself through laborious exploits that consisted of hand me down records from older siblings, cassette swaps or listening to Peel, these days it’s all too easy with the likes of the various streaming platforms, damn I dare say it’s fair to you’re just an email away from having the band playing live in your living room. On this brief visit we’ve done a whipper-round and narrowed this mention down to three tracks, but oh where to begin, with quite possibly the freakiest thing here. By Red Noise this be ‘sarcelles c’est l’avenir’, a fifteen minute free form freaker, seriously demented and wired, a little something we don’t mind saying, that strays in to the grey areas found linking the likes of Henry Cow, Albert Ayler and This Heat, it certainly ought to be on the radar of folk subscribing to the more noisy incidentals of Andy Pyne and his Foolproof Projects collective, best filed under art gouged jazz punk insanity. Lard Free’s ‘warinobaril’ (starts off quietly) by contrast is a decidedly disconnecting nugget, mooching and prowling from some fixed point, it just glowers with an undercutting subtle menace which over a cool saxophonic woozy is scratched upon it, disfiguring sequences of scabbing riff electro shocks. purely by name alone, this got the last pick, by Horrific Child, indeed we know all about them, this is ‘freyeur’, quite frankly something that’s all over the shop, in a good way we’ll add, in its 8 minute duration it manages to shoehorn so many styles, morphing this way and that, from voodoo rythmics, to lounge and afrobeat only to fuse this free wheeling cocktail into a constantly terraforming head turner, it certainly isn’t easy listening given it constantly puts you on the backfoot with its fluid wherewithal, an essential happening.

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