Another of those releases we initially missed a month or so ago, this came attached to a message that got haplessly lost in our face book spam file would you believe. We’re having grief with the download code provided so have had to rely on the bare band camp offerings. Anyway, out through Do It Thissen on 12-inch vinyl, limited pressing of just 200, this be, we think, Mzylkypop, a hive mind collective featuring the combined talents of Messrs Mallinder, Newton and Hope, in other words a Cabaret Voltaire, a Clock DVA and the Hope with the additional bonus on this occasion of a guest remix by Eccentronic Research Council man Dean Honer. Four tracks lurk with the margins of ‘…. presents Xzyles’, all of which in typical fashion we’ve found our ears primed to the minimalistic groovy of Mr Honer’s revisioning of ‘doomerati’ here rebranded as ‘the final party mix’. now perhaps its just me, but we are hearing a slick n’ subtle funk sassy snaking and smoking this dystopian dub loaded club land cool note whose strangely off kilter giddy up wouldn’t look to out of place gracing some precious platter bearing the name A Certain Ratio, indeed that cool, incidentally all very annoyingly infectious.

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