twenty three hanging trees

What looks like being a busy period of activity in the Dark Outside camp, word has it that various Handspan, Drew Mulholland, Adderall Canyonly and Delphine Dora and Sophie Cooper works are about to take flight, all mainly through the simply essential Bibliotapes sub print who small bijou number is set to be accompanied pretty imminently, by the arrival of Twenty Three Hanging Trees’ quite dreamily imagined soundtrack for Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘Cat’s Cradle’. A wonderfully alluring sound space if that is, the extended excerpt is anything to judge by, a free spirited demurring genteel wonderfully gushed in all manner of murmuring modular mosaics, prettified pulsars and orbital lullaby’s all seemingly falling away to reveal something more organic texture wise with the onset of bowed riffs and the soft hypnotic of a twinkling minimal toning of the type you’d ordinarily expect hatching from an Oliver Cherer desk space. Add to that calming arrest of the subtle defrost of Oriental floral flotillas and well, do we need go on.

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