angry exotica

to much disappointment and distress, we’ve somewhat neglected the liquid library folk of late, which is a shame all told given they are one of few imprints who embrace the whole spirit of the late 70’s DIY ethic and press their discovered handiwork to cassette form to boot. its with such dedication to the unearthing of the outsiderist minority and ignored underground that we here have a great deal of fondness for. latest to their rather formidable catalogue, a cassette by Angry Exotica here captured for posterity one would imagine at a recent rare live in person gathering. Absolutely no information about these dudes though safe to say they are a quartet whose sightings appear as rare as hen’s teeth. Think i’m right in saying that two extended improvisational workouts feature on this incoming cassette, ‘Angry’ featured here, providing for a densely daubed wiry blighter, a melting pot into which a subtle mutant dance funky bleeds. what first appears as though a rarefied recording relic rescued from a classic era Factory records showcase and here i’m talking Section 25 and the likes with the casual disturbance of Pere Ubu flittering in and out, this hyper active gem is blessed with an authentic late 70’s post art rock timecoding that additionally calls to mind elements of the Fall and Public Image LTD without the baggage and ego not to mention more pertinently, this heat with momentary walk on parts from a slightly distracted A Certain Ratio. mind you that said, infused with a playful oddness at times that’s interspersed with a delightful daubing of dub texturing and pulse raising tripping hysteria, there lurks a play it by ear free spirited no wave cooling that relocates to a looser discipline more becoming of James Chance and the Contortions.

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