Kraut Jazz Futurism

Rest assured begging letters are out and in circulation trying to secure downloads / promos on this kool kutie. Heading out of the Kyrptox sound-house comes ‘Kraut Jazz Futurism’. Now don’t start getting all chin-strokery and snobbish with your carefully arranged generic boxes, indeed on reflection I’d be the first to pause at the front entrance thinking, kraut and jazz and think, well that’s just more 70’ s OGWT than I’m prepared to commit to in one sitting. But do you know, this works and crucially so, if that is the two preview cuts are to be judged by. The first of which ‘orange man’ by, Karl Hector and the Malcouns, seemingly cuts a loose suited cool note whose tightly worked impeccable late-night soul jazz finesse saunters breezily with an attractive off centering clipping whose arasbesque infusions draw you hazily deep beneath it curiously exotic spellcraft. Approaching matters from a slightly different direction, Karaba’s ‘der inder’ is a more cosmically aligned third eye tweaking head expander that employs a sumptuous wash of Eastern essences and woozy astral tonings into its far out fineries, its all very trancey and stoned but all done subtly so.

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