sorry to say, but this selection will be another brief one, we’re still not burning on capacity, and the way things are shaping don’t expect to do so for a few days more, so that’s the apologies over and done with. that said, while our giddy up might be suffering so to speak, we’d like to think our musical radar is buzzing aplenty and on high alert. Just as well really because we unearthed this by in one of those by sheer accident follies, I know, we’ve a backlog stretching to whenever and we are still source sounds to add to the woe. but stick with me on this one for this is Automatic who hail from LA with the title track from, what we assume to be, their dubut full length platter ‘Signal’. I mean this has the bounce and cool sassy that recalls those early Controller. Controller and Vibration releases from a few years back, has the propulsing acute authentic that wouldn’t look amiss on a much missed Wierd imprint compilation, yet more pertinently, is possessed of the kind of ice cool stare you down fixed point vintage swagger that prowls and purrs from the backwaters of a classic cold wave post punk era that recalls Delta 5 et al. oh and while your there you might want to check out the wonderfully oblique and emotionless icily chilling ‘Humanoid’ which should these ears not be deceiving sounds like something erroneously dropped from the finish cast of Siouxsie and the Banshees ‘Kaleidoscope’. Any questions.

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