jaimie branch

this has literally been occupying our listening space for just 5 minutes and already we’ve had to resort to nailing our feet to the floor to stop them migrating in all directions due to the skittish dance this nugget is leading. now i’ll first say that had we the latest killer from Jezus Factory within touching distance, that being the Maurits Pauwels en De Benelux Calypsos’ full length ‘Tien Toppers Uit Trinidad’, then we’d be playing these in tandem. okay admittedly both are approaching from different directions, but still there’s a common thread that draws them together in so much as their ability to uplift and radiate. the other part of this equation to which i refer is trumpeteer Jaimie Branch whose cut ‘twenty-three n me, jupiter redux’ taken from her imminent full length through international anthem entitled ‘FLY or DIE II: bird dogs of paradise’ has been the cause of much fond rumpous in the listening gaff. under a pulsing drone motif a chamber scratchiness shyly stutters across which emerges the ever so sharply cut allure of breezy fanfares of brass billowings decorating the groove lines, its something so intoxicating that it draws to mind some imagined after hours session gathering together such folk as Terry Edwards, John Lurie and the Wizards of Twiddly before of course going off track, wonkiy and with some wonderfully worked art grooved gookiness, reasserts itself in a fine old wired waywardness you’d imagine whiffing of Gong bongs and Soft Machine wonkiness.


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