life education

of course we’d love to order the super limited tri-cassette bundle that includes the releases ‘new earth assembly’, ‘pilgrims of the infinite’ and this latest outing for specious titled ‘guru overlord’ but fear with increasing tariff and shipping charges escalating in the states that we’d probably have to donate a body part or purchase shares in the US mail corp. eye catching indeed, the release, not the Americal postal services, we might just have to put it on a back burner for now. Shifting from the waffling, this is Life Education who should be no strangers to regular observers around these here parts, one of many guises of a certain Patrick R.Park also known for sometimes sneaking out under his more familiar Kosmonaut alter ego. As said, out through Specious on limited cassette form, just 100 copies, we must admit a fondness for the track ‘holistic medicine expansion’ whose bitter sweet watcher from afar observance casts a somewhat bleak forlorn whose shimmering orbital carousel and crystalline cascades had us much minded of the hypno grooved psychedelicised electronics of the much missed Palace of Swords who surely must be due out of hibernation any day soon. that said, our affections were found distracted and wandering to ‘agitated altar’ not least because of its slick and slow vapour-esque descent and dispersal of industrial lite phrasing sumptuously trip weaved in a woozy dub doped stoner-ish smoky that together gathers to forge out a superbly serene and off centring dream draped hazy.

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