promise, we will be returning to this in due course, just what with the backlogs, the incomings and lack of time due to extended sleep / fatigue patrols, we here are resorted to at the moment, just picking at releases as we try to prioritise mentions. anyway, we’ve heard this more or less, though only grazing casually you understand, the latest immaculate from Yellow6 titled ‘shifting sands of time’. described by its author as ‘….the music is a bit more minimal than recent releases’, which really does beg the question, just how minimal do you want to go Mr Atwood. This double CD set was recorded over a six-month period, December to May this year and gathers together twelve newly forged compositions from out of which, catching our lobes with immediate effect has been ‘honey for the bees’. instilled with the trademark Yellow6 serene, there’s a graceful simplicity attaching here, that’s uncluttered, genteel and absorbed in its own space and time, the slow metered melodic caressed with a reflective faraway, colours a picture of crossweaving emotions that words or a lyric could never adequately describe for here both reflection and introspection step back from the race to blur, fold and fall into rippling pools of calming tranquility. simply exquisite.

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