penguin cafe

oh how we adore the push pull of the flutterby lolloping pastoral key twinkles falling and tumbling in affectionate play, their lightness and wistful woozy colouring a palette of breathtaking rustic freeness all charmed with a cheery nostalgic toning that seductively unpeels and defrosts from a starting minimalistic fragile and blossoms to a lushly vivid and expansive spraying of reclining sun speckled posies which all told beautifully intersect and join the invisible dots to link together the likes of littlebow, Oliver Cherer and Vic Mars. Anyway, this be Penguin Cafe with the utterly adorable ‘at the top of the hill, they stood….’ a track pulled from their latest full length just out through erased tapes titled ‘handfuls of night’.

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