the central office of information

spied this on the Castles in Space band camp page, prompted mainly by a posting from the 345rpm folk mentioning something about a specially limited lathe cut being prepped by the label which they are hand carving as i write, alas no information, but given we missed the Jonathan Sharp limited, we’ll be damned if we miss the cut on this, seriously i just couldn’t cope with the heartbreak. moving swiftly along as I think we are wandering off track, back with current Castles in Space goodness, an imminent CD set from the mysterious the Central Office of Information no less, all packaged with an abundance of inserts and housing that includes a printed manilla string and washer envelope with concomitant faux-photocopied sheets, hand-stamped inserts and lost/recovered ephemera along with a sticker, badge and download card. Phew. Anyhow, the Central Office of Information, sounds very sinister in a Delaware Road recordy type way don’t you think, is the solo project of a certain Alex Cargill who here, appears happily potting away from an undisclosed location, no doubt from a alternative parallel universe, sending rogue subliminal messages through some time fracture. it’s all quite odd, outsiderist and strangely minimalist in terms of previous Castles in Space occurences though all the more appealing for it given its edgy out there cold war palette. Tracks like ‘unknown radar returns’ appear to explore the oblique secret worlds of the number stations while elsewhere there’s a sense of a shadowy insular undercurrent running invisibly beneath, within and alongside an unknowingly populace, discreet, unseen, unknown but ever present and watchful as revealed on both ‘banishing ritual’ and the mooching lurker in the shadows pylon paranoia hum of ‘odic force’. that said, its not all subterranean menace and blank eyed doom distilled down to nothingness for ‘homemade jams and chutneys’ is a wonderfully skwiffy and kooky feast of elephantine chucklesome, gloopy playfulness and rustic airiness set to charm and delight the most obstinate of observers out of their listening tree to connect them with an affectionate and nostalgic child like feel good warmth.

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