a bit lazy and perhaps a little naughty, we did in fact pick this up from a passing Concrete Tapes twitter posting, incidentally their latest release from Portland Vows arrived on the same day, immaculate looking thing housed in a what looks like a hand stamped leather pouuch. But there you we are getting ahead of ourselves again and rambling off road. on this occasion, we wanted to mention this, by Thrushez through the Tokyo based imprint 梅レコード, a track, the opening in fact from a strictly limited cassette titled ‘transparent mood’, this being ‘透明’. lush indeed, if i recall rightly how the Concrete Tape folks described it, a beautifully serene marriage that manages to effect a bridge between the old ways with the new, melding discreetly to wonderfully create a spiritual woozy of meditative calm and an at one with oneself safe space in so far as the way the would be traditional spectral twinkle toning bowed arrangements form an ethereal coortship with the measured application of minimalist electronic swathes. its all most attractively light and fragile, almost invisible and somewhere else, not unlike I guess, a snoozing ISAN push come to shove.

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