vic mars

i’m sure somewhere at the bottom of our, must rummage, read and clear out in box, that we’ve a download for this that we’ve erroneounsly missed and mislaid from the folk of Clay Pipe, a slight faux pas on our behalf given we usually jump with haste at anything they issue forth. so with that in mind and while we go off in search for it by cautiously excitable candle light, it is after all four in the morning as i ramble and the in box basement consists of a spiralling cobbly woody staircase unto which the deeper you get the scarier it seems what with all manner of death metalling, heavy stoner and occultist downloads lurking from out of the shadows, this then be the briefest of salutations from the much admired Vic Mars. this is the ‘holloways’, a track from his latest full length ‘inner roads and outer paths’, a beautifully rich and radiant cornucopia of stilled serene and heavenly green wild wide open spaces, its lazy bucolic lush caressed in a nostalgic nutshell of sleepy headed carefree for here be wistful wonder, fond memories rekindled, an old familiar and the sense of a secret safe space never changing, aging or dimming of its beauty in the intervening years of its authors absence, a place where time appears to stand still to knowingly sit and wait for the eventual return of the wandering soul. a most elegant and picturesque pastoral colouring of countrylife signed and sighed typically and majestically with the trademark Mars artistry.

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