unhappy fly

don’t be too surprised to find the occasional emotional response release to pop up briefly in the next day or two, perhaps if you’re lucky, or unlucky, depending on your appreciation or lack off therein, of kookily crafted groove, then later this evening. first up to the plate being unhappy fly whose ridiculously deceptive self-titled nugget we’ve been picking at briefly these last few moments the result of which we’ve unearthed three ear candy treats of the head turning variety and opens with ‘angry in the head’. not a blazing barnstormer as the title might first fool you into thinking, rathermore this just smokes, oozed in a wonderfully wandering slacker-esque detailing, its pulled back, restrained, lazy eyed and deliciously swaggered with a discernible slink to its offset shimmy, it’s cool eyed off kilter woozy trimmed subtly with a weaving funk flitter. ‘holoscene’ by sharp contrast changes down the gears, a strangely attracting curio that flowers and blossoms radiantly in the most unexpected places, its crooked template and musical journey hazily dusted and dizzily doped with an off-road dustiness filtered through flanks of snoozing slide riff opines and wonky electronic warbles. those still I’m need of convincing that this album truly is a quirky though all same affectionately distractive flutterby might well investigate the delightfully breezy ‘singing flame’ with its baroque braiding and 60’s studded swirling mosaics, something that had us recalling the much missed L’Augmentation all said.


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