gavin miller

much to our haplessness, this one arrives a little delayed despite having been earmarked for mention a wee while back. By Gavin Miller, head man over at the this is it forever imprint and some time worriedaboutsatan, a digital download set going by the name ‘ruins’ from off which we’ve fallen for the quartet’s exit
track ‘we stood like statues’, which incidentally, at shy of nine minutes in length, provides the gathering with I guess you could call, its centrepiece. Anyway, discussions and arguments aside, this slow drift slice of introspection comes cut with a sweet solitary, alone and embracing a brief moment soon to be lost but for memory, the crystal tipped curvature of the sea breezed riffs lock, loop and linger forming a steadily measured and defining in detail and stature mesmeric mosaic both dreamy and demurring, it’s an effect whose considered poise, atmospheric and texturing draws it into swift comparison with yellow6.

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