otoboke beaver

oh my, I think I’m in love, another release picked up on one those ‘mmm that looks interesting I’ll give that a quick whirl’ moments, this is the acutely cute and feisty Otoboke Beaver who hail from Kyoto, here sporting an absolutely manically bonkers full length entitled ‘Itekoma Hits’. a compilation by the looks of things, gathering up an assortment of releases from off which we’ve been a tad taken with at least a brace of nuggets that we feel your listening space might be diminished and found a little wanting for not having around. first up to the plate, the rampantly wiring scuzz shredding speedfreak that is ‘love is short’, a coolly caustic blistered bubblegum bomb, absolutely mental though appreciably cut with a pristine pop phrasing zeroed in on a 100mph whirlwind of excitable panache. still, it dims with the appearance of the unruly and playfully freaked ‘Anata watashi daita ato yome no meshi’, just way too much fun going on here as the shrapnel flies, the riffs serrate and the quartet collectively hone, hustle and hurry in a molten haze towards oblivion with gusto.


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