say sue me

a true accidental that we are here, right this moment, listening, loving and indeed having the joy of mentioning this because if we are honest this wasn’t the tune scheduled and teed up for inclusion, only we hit the wrong button and up popped this. now i can’t recall for certain whether we’ve had the pleasure of featuring Say Sue Me in these musings, the name rings a bell for sure but i’m idling on the perhaps not side of the fence. a fundraiser 7 inch release with vinyl pressed up by the folk at Optimal in Germany, two variants the standard nd a super limited autograph edition, of course both you an I want the latter mentioned. anyway, this be ‘george and janice’ a wonderfully affectionate and ambling affair that just lollops and frolics in its own sunny disposition and something which defies casual categorisation and lazy box marking in a way that marks it out as forming a perfect couplet with those equally distractive souls the Snails, a band whose absence of late has not gone unnoticed. but back to Say Sue Me, the way this gathers in vivid stature, the dinking riff flotillas, the parping fanfares and that whole off centred feel good effervescence which peeling away just catches you unaware and sweeps you upstream is just simply breathless. over on the flip looms ‘don’t follow our van’, a slight toning down of the mood, though for all that this does pack a sly classically cut Mancini / Barry suave as though some lost and forgotten spy noir incidental foolishly abandoned and left on the out takes floor from some aborted film score. now i’m just wondering, what are the postage charges from South Korea.

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