the cold spells

absolute apologies to both the Cold Spells and indeed, Gare du Nord records who actually sent this over a little while back for mention. you’ll hate me for admitting, but it went astray only to be discovered earlier in the day too much embarrassment, shivering and neglected amid a pile of albums. we refer to the duo’s second full length ‘Interstitial’, a delicately drawn folk slow burn it be, prettied in a wistful vintage cocktail of wandering daydreams, countryside riverbank cosies and reflectively scribbled folded post it notes all dinked and fondly fastened to a straying peculiar pastoral whimsy. That said, us being the contrary souls that we are and, for now at least, in recompense, have honed in on the two tenderly formed trailer releases pre-empting the albums arrival. first up the current single ‘Mayday’ which with its lazy eyed lollop, courts a Merrie English vintage that wanders and weaves the silent hedgerows serenading all with its woozy balladeering, its simplistic light dusting recalling Syd Barrett whilst its latterly treks towards its end find themselves tumbling into the same rarified pastures encountered by the Left Banke courtesy of its airy baroque folk spraying. over on the flip awaits ‘colours of death’, not quite dispersing the morbidity that the title might first suggest, rather more something that strange links hands with the Soft Hearted Scientists in their more contemplative mood, the peeling drone of the church bells to rear exacting an eerie aura across which a bitter sweet maudlin nestles crow like observing the still of the church yard. ‘leviathan’, the preceding single, is a sprightly hopping dainty flavoured in a shuffling sun lit cascading whose tumbling rustic meanders had us recalling the much misssed Beatglider as though in cahoots with a youthful ‘mother’s daughter….’ era Tunng while over on the reverse, the psychedelically infused ‘it is time’ with its tick tocking sleepy headed Wicker Man dreamscape, hypnotically threads a lilting web of wonder that waltzes, wanders and eventually withers in to ethereal void though not before providing a momentary safe haven and means to escape from a demanding world.

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