warriors of the dystotheque

if there’s anything that’s likely to get me grumbling, down cast and crushed by the feeling we’ve either let folk down or worse still, missed something, shall we say, groovy, are the amount of emails and messages we miss or foolishly overlook in an attempt to balance between time constraints and sleep. one ensemble, and there are many more besides, who appear to have fallen foul of this trap are Warriors of the Dystotheque. not this time though because for once we’ve actually dipped into the in box and unearthed not one, but two messages from these mysterious folk alerting us to two well heeled recalibrations heading this way as October falls. herewith ‘things in the shadows’ trusted to the remix handiwork of both Opus Klen and Tronik Youth, the Warriors folk describing the OK mix in passing as ‘…an acid fest… ‘. a moot point which we won’t deny, has a hint of truth, though i’m more minded to add and further interject, comes superbly pressed like a floor prowling mind expansive cerebral jam greased with a shadow toning of an as were mutant dystopic Moroder-esque dark star. left in the hands of Tronik Youth, ‘things in the shadows’ assumes something of a subtle dub doping psych pierced pulsar meshing to its kaleidoscopic colouring, its trippy trance tailoring weaving ripples of mind morphing radiance, which in truth should by rights, agree with those tuned into all things the Cult of Free Love. on a final note features Adam Leonard who i’m certain we’ve an email from way back from, of which, do i really need to say, we’ve mislaid, so Hi, Hello and can you resend please Ad.



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