adderall canyonly

Imminent happenings arriving shortly through the Dark Outside’s very excellent aural literary sub print Bibliotapes from Adderall Canyonly. a re-imagining of Philip K Dick’s dystopian ’74 novel ‘flow my tears, the policeman said’ to a newly peeled soundtrack. Perhaps to date, Canyonly’s most realised work in so much as the flow, the metering and attention to mood, sonic contouring and visionary shaping that he has invested to this nine part dream suite. The sounds light and affectionately draped and decorated in milky mosaics of spectral cosmica, something best experienced on ‘a little life trying’ are superbly refracted to a large part, through an 80’s Radiophonic lens (most notably nods aplenty to Paddy Kingsland one would imagine are due), the story is after all set in what was at the time, the future, 1988. Cuts such as ‘deep in a brown study’ are appreciably serviced with a trip toning proggy woozy that admirers of Tangerine Dream will warm to in an instant while elsewhere ‘seared by psychedelic tiger claws’ is graced with a sublimely realised panoramic glazing that neatly free flows into the rain shocked shadowy subterranean of Ridley Scott’s bleakly detached ‘blade runner’ adaption (again another Dick novel). Mix in some 80’s VHS lite sci-fi symphonia courtesy of the parting ‘unto to us a hit is given’, the best end credits from this generic box as everyone knows, are those scored with a bleakly optimistic vibing. However all said, its the prettying bitter sweet pastoral opines of ‘the betrayal state’ that had us a tad smitten, drawing as it does, a common touch with Thomas Newman’s quite exquisite score for another of Dick’s books brought to the big screen, ‘Adjustment Team’ (the Adjustment Bureau’), further evidence indeed of Canyonly’s intuitive grasp of the writers universe as advanced, explored and created by others.

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