John 3:16

would i be right in saying two long out of print albums gathered together, repackaged and pressed across two sides of limited number cassette. its a regret that in recent years we’ve lost touch with John 3:16 having championed his Old Testament fuelled apocalyptic atmospherics, from his days with Heat from a Deadstar to his tentatively cautious emergence on the solo road, neither our interest nor enjoyed immersion into his metaphysical journey has ever dimmed or faltered. As previously, this limited release collects together both his debuting ‘John 3:16’ and ‘Visions of the Hereafter’ on one release, 18 tracks in total which though spoiled for choice in cherry picking, may we at least suggest, the start of your road of discovery begins with ‘The Inner Life of God / The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit’ which as I recall in another time and place we described in a passing musing as ‘perfectly crystallizing John 3:16’s storm simmering Old Testament obsessed sonics, bleakly beautiful they resonate with an ancient tongue as old as the sand, to a time where man was but a sacrificial pawn in the eternal battle between light and dark, a brooding panoramic symphonia harnessed upon natures frequenting moods where the magisterial, the macabre and the mysterious all coalesce with apocalyptic portent. enjoy the Rapture.

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