Kombynat Robotron / Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska

alas if you want one of these, then your late to the parade I’m afraid. sold out at source of its 75 cassette pressing, for Cruel Nature’s 125th release a pairing of talents featuring a head to head between Kombynat Robotron and Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska with the former serving up a neatly mind weaving snake winding arabesque by the name ‘Seltsame Attraktoren’, one of those stoner sorties you’d imagine would be ripe for all those subscribers to the more deeper and dense out there psych head jams put out by the noticeable missing in action of late Eggs in Aspic imprint, this being something that manages to happily squat on a woozy spectrum where sit at one end, the Cult of Dom Kellar while at the other, the incredible Insektlife Cycle. over on the reverse side lurks Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska here featuring a guest appearance by Junzo Suzuki for the epic event that is ‘UFO conjuration’. one best served listening at maximum volume through headphones, starts off quietly enough, a lot of noodling and trip toning woozy, the sounds seemingly buried to the rear give a curious insular, more so dreamy almost apparition like detailing, it’s as though its not real or quite there. then to a softly smoking fuse there descends a saucer-ish hum, its silvery chassis and extra-terrestrial glow pulsing with white hot radiance shimmering outwards ripples of subliminal sensory messages that weave hypnotically recoding and rebooting your head space with fixed point precision, the effect totally blissful, far out and gone, absolutely bonged out.


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