first of a handful of new limited cassette releases that have just escaped the confines of the Cruel Nature sound lab for the wiles of the open, from Waheela this is ‘a wreck so clean’ from off which our ears were pinched and pressed to the slow burn stately of the parting shot ‘dead upset’. a sprawling thirteen and a half minute opus distracted by a cautious mistrust and bruising that sees it hovering in the safety of the shadows, ever watchful though nevertheless intensely guarded, the sound-scapes retuning from an initial greeting point of hymnal stateliness to something gloomed with a primitive desert hollowing overcast bleached dry and decayed, into the nothingness, snaking riff flotillas hover in circling formations like death watch vultures all the time, measured and majestic though torn with melanchol, a softly emerging storm forms burning throughout with controlled frustration rising and withdrawing at moments as though testing and tasting its surrounding plotting a means to untether itself, and untether itself it does in dramatic fashion wherein rising to the eight and a half minute mark it springs the trap to rip and shred amid a wonderfully cacophonous scabbing of festering feedback furies, hissing vocals and searing riff razors gathers to coalesce with a white hot volatile.


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