the dark outside

Fear not folks, not another impromptu and randomly posted message telling you of a release which by the time you pick up and read the email to find out more, has long since departed the shelves off into the obscure of well heeled record collections. its getting to the point i’m on maximum anxiety alert, i do blame those polytechnic youth folk for starting all this, these days i’m sleeping with one eye trained surveillance like monitoring for such occurences, which reminds me – note to self ‘must check in with PY it’s been at least two weeks since a release’. As said, rest easy, just a heads up on a free to down load track by The Dark Outside folk titled ‘the care giver pt. 2’. apparently a lost track, perhaps rescued and rewired from a dead laptop, then again perhaps not, something forgotten who knows, still this mysterious track is quite a treat if that is, you like your electronique listening sounding like celestial waves of jubilance emitting from some distant heavenly pulsar at the centre of the great cosmica.

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