dream division

Another expected Cassette Store Day essential, a limited second press of Dream Division’s desirable ’48°55’14​.​2″N ‘Enter / Exit” set. Originally released last year, truth be told i’m not entirely sure i’ve a copy myself, this edition comes as a limited issue of 50 with new artwork and all copies housed in black and white shells. twelve incidentals feature here on what is described by its creator as ‘… an audio journey through the Black Lodge. Two pieces of music ‘Entrance’ and ‘Exit’ Written and recorded over one evening, one take direct from the mixer to tape.’ Stark and icily enigmatic, the ‘Entrance’ side of proceedings draws you, oncoming to the destination, the score mysterious and foreboding is part stilled and glacially fashioned with a sparse and spectral sinister solemn. It’s eerie otherly casting lengthening shadows that conspire to create a sense of the timeless and the majestic, though all together likewise, something darkened, sinister and damned by an unholy past life, a forevermore looming large on the horizon like some brooding blood bathed mythical sentinel. the sound scape prowls with exacting precision, edgy and gloomed, an overcasting predator traced in tensely wound macabre motoriks suffocated by a claustrophobic chilling, the sounds strangely gauzed in a dream like is anything real neutering, its slick supernatural pedigree drawing a keen kinship with the classic 70’s era Italo horror scene, most notably Fabio Frizzi while similarly trecking similar terrains as those previously ventured by Simon Magus and Klaus Mortlock as the Unseen. As to the ‘Exit’ side of matters, well let’s just say we’re not quite at safety point yet (though the crystal kissed vapour serene of the Carpenter ‘lost themes’ like ‘Exit 8’ will surely see to that), that said, it as though some obscuring cloud has passed, the mood though measurably lightened is still etched with an uncanny aura, these dancing apparitions, seven in all, are mourned in an eerie elegance with which of particular note, ‘exit 4’ manages strays down a wrong turn and in to the shadowlands crafted by Keith Seatman while similarly, ‘Exit 5’ easily recalls those magical and measured twilight forlorn’s sculptured by a younger Heartwood Institute.


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