steve moore

All this talk of Zombi brings us logically to Steve Moore. Still yet to hear his recent for Temporary Residence, but in a moment of lull earlier today, we did unearthed this. Just out through the New York LIES imprint, a four track self titled twelve inch, really just a digital download from off which we’ve been smitten by the parting cut ‘future 86’. very much tuned in to the time of his brief residence with static caravan of a few years back now, this binary bopping trance toner arrives kissed and pressed with a coolly mesmeric and deeply buried in the mix, subterranean grooving all harnessed with an acute fixed staring
head expanding club floor cerebral chic that’s matched only here by the re-invigorating and restorative meditative radiance pouring out through the low-lit purring orbital pulse waves of the super chilled ‘future 99’.

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