the Catenary Wires

I really don’t get it, I mean we nearly had to double take this. Nine views this videos had, it’s been up a month, what’s up with people. Admittedly, this is one of those slow to catch light cuts, but stick around and rewards are aplenty. This be the Catenary Wires with ‘tie me to the rails’, a track pulled from an incoming set ’til the morning’ through Tapete. featuring former members of the likes of heavenly, marine research and tender trap, there’s no questions as to the musical pedigree of Amelia and Rob, their second album, according to the press folk, shifting ever so slightly in dynamic and sound, reveals a growing maturity first dappled in with their debuting ‘red red skies’. ‘tie me to the rails’ is deceptively dainty and distractively light, so light its liable to flutter by away before you even had a chance to fall into its breezily country rustic. I mean let’s not paper over the fact that in the initial moments (and indeed throughout), that there’s a seriously subtle apparition like smoky drift underfoot here, that loosely strays into Lee and Nancy terrains with its deeply lilting and lolloping 60’s country noir cascades peeling away from their melancholic shell to harvest a strangely radiant splash of cheery-some fluffy haunting.

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