cheval sombre

it’s as though there’s a cloak of invisibility wrapped around these brief occasional’s by Cheval Sombre, without warning or advanced heralding, as though suspended in animation, they descend momentarily, in a disarming state of smoky opiated bliss. the sounds thoughtful and closely intimate as much as they are, fragile and frail, softly spin a dream like tapestry both graceful and hushed and bitter sweetly blushed with a woozy subtle psych blues brazing. And then, like some apparition or visitation, it’s gone with only a vague memory of it lingering. it’s all very measured, murmuring and above all majestic, something I guess, for all you Spacemen 3 devotees. Anyway, before we forget, this is out through market square records, in a limited of 300 each coming accompanied by a postcard, it’s called ‘been a lover’ and if you are really good, we’ll be casting an ear across the flip side track ‘the calfless cow’ tomorrow.

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