alison cotton

arriving in time for Halloween, a creeping cautionary spread across two extended suites. From the Clay Pipe folk, this be Alison Cotton with ‘the Girl I Left Behind Me’. Arriving in a limited hand numbered pressing of just 500, all pressed on 10 inches of pale transparent blue vinyl and housed in reverse board covers replete with download cards. the two tracks within were inspired by ghost stories penned by Murial Sparks, Ms Cotton accompanied by an array of intruments that include her trusted viola along with harmoniums, recorders, Omnichords, shruti boxes and a piano discreetly weaves a forlorn shadow lengthening mysterio dappled in a most impressive courtship of chamber folk shimmering’s, which settle to fall away at the 6-minute mark, whereupon ushered by an ethereal glow, a hymnal of sorrow briefly rises and in an instant what was initially haunted and foreboding, the stricken strings sigh with a caressfully solemn ache, the arrangements shivering with a silent melancholic both bruised and respectful. over on the flip, ‘the house of the famous poet’ similarly explores the same sonic demograph, an orphaned cry ghosts like a siren emerging from a twilight fog, the slow drone of the harmonium serving only to deepen the mystique, settles the landscape in a sweet magical chill, the tongue is gaelic, the atmosphere neutred by a bitter sweet solemn more so a stillness or maybe some nightly visitation set for an eternal by a spiteful cursing, whatever the case it’s tender though altogether tortured, safe to say by these ears, a beautifully realised eerie.

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