cheval sombre

back with that promised Cheval Sombre flip side, you’ll find this neatly tucked to the back of his market square outing ‘been a lover’. titled ‘the calfless cow’, it’s a dusty penning originally recorded by Alasdair Roberts, not the first time these folks have crossed, didn’t they cut a lathe release with Static Caravan a few years back, perhaps i’m dreaming. Still this is our preferred cut of the duo, not least because it’s teased and crushed with a radiantly 60’s honeycombed haloing that curiously sits somewhere left of centre, between the Left Banke and Rodriguez as though under the studio influence of a spiritually serene Dylan. adored with pauses and a feint like charming that draws you close into its whispered farewell web, there’s an immaculate to the precision in the way this sweetly stings.

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