klaus morlock / grey frequency

now at this point it was our intention to go visit the Unquiet Meadow, after all its been its a long time since their broadcasts featured here. however best laid plans so on and so forth, we’ve hit a stumbling block for now with the link we sourced – see https://www.ashevillefm.org/show/the-unquiet-meadow/?fbclid=IwAR3iTONOlxInkdG1f7KQBZcl_jjB3CDS8Yqo-pDnDzAdXB6_Tif0CWNJZiU getting us slightly befuddled, as to whether the issue is with them (tracks playing, if they play that is, for only 10 seconds) or with us, given that a recent windows update (see what they do now, there is no choice, you either restart or shutdown both options force you to update, I hate you Windows with a passion), managed to disable our media player. So while we message Cyp to see if there any other playable link, we haven’t been sitting idle in the meantime, no siree, selecting at least two of this playlists number for further sourcing, the first of which being by Klaus Morlock. originally recorded in 1979 and just out now on free to download, well i’m not certain about all that, the vintage appears right, but what with all this hauntologist skewering afoot at present and the current social media trick or trap (your choice), for rewriting recent history to fit its own agenda and the constant tirade of lies, falsehoods and the laughable, false news retorts( hello Dumb and Dumber – a tale of a president and a prime minister), its getting all the more difficult to see the wood for trees. still, little grumble back in the box, this is ‘dialogue assembly’, a track peeled from the currently available, ‘dead maids assembly’ full length, a little something we fell fond with in an instant. courting a beautifully hypnotic library folk dreaminess, the kind of thing you’d find on one of those classic KPM releases – see Hawkshaw, Mansfield, bennett and Limb. that said we do love the interweaving of filmic dialogue with the murmuring ghost lit atmospheres, all the time deepening that sense of the uncanny, the mysterious and ultimately, the sinister, its something that draws a neat comparable parallel with the Owl Service’s quite stunning ‘Cine’ covers set, then without warning, as though a switch has been tripped, the whole colouring and mood of the track acutely upends and were previously there was a fracturing woozy, suddenly evaporates and in its place a Jarre-esque cosmic forms. now had we avoided or at least come through, this fatigue cloud that’s currently blighting our days, the ‘Witchcraft and Black Magic in the United Kingdom’ compilation through the unexplained sounds sub print eighth tower would have well by now, been listened to voraciously and indeed posted with much fondness. as it, it remains for now on a very pressing back burner. An excellent gathering, featuring both very familiar and not so familiar names, not a duff track on initial listening, that i can assure. from that set, to oil the interest lets say, Grey Frequency turn in ‘elegy for vinegar Tom’. a mammoth fog bound mysterio, if this doesn’t unsettle you and cause the temprature in your listening space to drop perilously low then you are already marked. hovering icily, this ghost lit apparition solemnly walks some eternal night patrol, both mournful and tortured, the sounds though spectral and sparsely weaved manage to make use of the space to reveal a lightly spared and conserving brush stroked creativity at work here that makes use of limited applications to craft a hugely cavernous and expansive wide screen palette.



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