back with the pulselovers as promised, to gather up those three errant tracks sitting silently on the preview pane of their band camp page. As said previously, from what we heard so far, it’s an album that forges a perfect listening bond with Jonathon Sharp’s ‘divided time’ set from earlier in the year. the tracks dappled in a nostalgic hazy, both wistful and yearnful, serve as a memory box for Handley to wanders back into his childhood, oozed in a dreamily arresting pastoral percolating, tracks such as ‘the green leaves of shildam hall’ stray airily into the secret pastures of Littlebow while ‘on the wold’ is cut with a crystalline caress, a genteelly farewell-ing faraway tinged ever so slightly in dew dripped magicalia which ultimately leaves ‘badby ’80’ cutting the mustard with some neatly murmuring kosmische pulse toning, which all said, has something of the Palace of Swords about it albeit as though piloting some prog electro La Dusseldorf mothership.


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