Smile Eyes and the Children Folk

it might be just a happy or indeed, unhappy coincidence as the case might well be, that this is due to land the same week as the long awaited Scarfolk Annual drops. Both existing outside of a time line or reality that both you and I remember, though caring to dwell for a moment or two to consider, find ourselves overwhelmed by the feeling of a deeply indescribable chill and a haunted dread. this is the incoming Smile Eyes and the Children Folk set through polytechnic youth and horror pop sounds, an imagined, or is it, soundtrack to a lost and forgotten Polish children’s TV show from the early 80’s composed and arranged by the mysterious Szczepan Buckowski (though checking the credits and you’ll see on mastering and restoration credits, a certain Stephen James Buckley – hello Polypores). given this has the prints of horror pop sounds all over it, this should at least give you an indication of where this going even before the stylus has had a chance to settle into its groove. of course its odd, fun and cleverly authentic with just the required tingle of the sinister and surreal. Anyway, this is the TV shows ‘theme tune’. set to a pulsing pastoral electronische palette, this crookedly kooky eerie is invested with an off centred playful peculiar whose Midwich Cuckoo-ery’s, analogue warbles and lite radiophonic lounge scoping will drive you to strange distraction.

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