floating spectrum

don’t mind admitting that this ‘un has been flickering in and out of our listening space these last few days, again another picked up on one of those random strolls through bandcamp, annoying I know. this is floating spectrum of whom I believe, hail from Berlin with a track titled ‘the early green outburst’, a little something serving as a teaser, pulled from their recently released ‘a point between’ full length. i guess the first thing to note here, is that, despite it’s shadowy eerie and occasional doom draped dystopic opines, that these attributes are not the sonic detailing likely to form a chill upon you. rather more the remoteness, the unknowingness and that over-arching sense of isolation are in place from the get go, long before this levianthan like monolith scarcely has a chance to flex and stretch its icy shadow.


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