by our reckoning, this’ll be the third mention in as many days for pulselovers, well they will keep hitting us with nuggets, though more specifically in this instance, we wanted to draw your interest to a 70 only lathe cut 7-inch of their’s before they all end up in the domain of online auction house with their original price clipping considerably inflated. through the soon to be very busy Castles in Space folk, this limited outing features a track that barely missed the ‘Cotswold Stone’ final selection and a rephrasing of another that did make it by Panamint Manse, so that’s ‘on the green’ and ‘in the marsh’ respectively. the panamint manse side of the event comes elegantly pressed with a wonderfully mellow toned statue-esque, measured and slick not to mention, sleek, its seductively sprayed in a low lit after hours sultry, a wandering ethereal touched with the elegiac, patrolling as were, the metropolis by night. as to previously rescued from the cutting room floor cut, can we settle for, a sweetly lulling ISAN-ic lunar lullaby sighed with syncopating mesmerics and the genteel daisy chaining orbital of subtle arabesque apparitions and pastoral posies.


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