plastic moonrise

okay two more from ERR REC for the evening, these would have featured earlier only we got distracted by a bundle of parcels (it was a strike by our local sorting office that resulted in no post for two weeks, which while i’m here let me say thanks for, because we’ve only just received appointment notifications that we’ve now missed …. grrr). In addition, we spent two hours we’ll never get back watching ‘Mortal Engines’ and then in annoyance went for a restorative nap. so that was our day, how about you? Now i’m going to stick my head above the parapet in saying that this may well be one of the oddest releases put out by the label, a curio titled ‘papier mache’ by Plastic Moonrise (better known to kith n’ kin as Catherine Norris. available as two variants, a limited cassette numbering just 50 and the more essential cassette and 54 page book package, edition number unknown, but if I were you, i wouldn’t really hang too long on the should I or shouldn’t I fence. featuring twenty tracks, all briefly beguiled apparitions, with only one of their number touching the two minute ticker tape, Ms Norris appears to frequent a surreal space where at one end, exists Petunia Liebling MacPumpkin whilst to the other, those mysterious folk Quimper, in the middle, creating an as were, wall of resistance, Jodie Lowther (free of her Quimper skin). utilising all manner of instruments, from musical boxes, xylophones, analogue keyboards, sticks and more, she creates an affectionate over which to work her poetry, it really is most serene, with tracks like ‘all the shapes’ sounding as though they’ve sleepily nodded off a vintage Postgate / Firmin stop animation. And that’s the point to this, what with the twinkling rustics and dreamy far aways not to mention, the lyrical continuity, there’s the nostalgic whiff of an early 70’s afternoon classroom story telling session sweetly engaging here. utterly charming.

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