Tiger Tigre

last for now from the ERR REC soundhouse, now we will be coming back to this in a day or three, don’t want you all thinking there’s favouritism or that we’re on the labels payroll or anything. truth is, we want to sit with this a while. culled from an incoming set ‘GRRR?’ by Tiger Tigre, this be the parting track ‘Tokyo Parade’. the work of a certain multi instrumentalist, Vincent Taeger, his CV boasts working with such celebrated folk as Air, Damon Albarn, Sebastien Tellier and Charlotte Gainsbourg, his mercurial artistry veering into our listening spectrum early last year with the release of ‘MIAOU!’- see https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2019/04/08/tiger-tigre/ – this time around his musical trickery is expanded to incorporate something very much cued for early 80’s clubland chic, those impish Art of Noise itches of previous seemingly firmed up by a Yello-esque underpinning, the oriental motifs tweaked with momentary flashes of afrobeat rhythmics soon dissolve and dissipate at the 2.50 minute, their place taken up by a head morphing motorik mosaic that builds ever densely and hypnotically around a kosmische pulsar, the new Moroder anyone?

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