yves malone

there’s a jaunty 80’s aspect to this understated gem in its initial greet, a playfulness and a mildly dinked kookiness that draws kinship with ISAN’S iconic ‘Digitalis’ set. it’s something that at the one minute mark, suddenly loosens itself of its skin and blossoms amorphously assuming to its terra-forming palette, an 80’s styled soft chic slickness dimpled in low lit oriental nocturnal’s all of which had us minded of a youthful variant of both Maps and Diagrams and Cheju. contrast this with the close intimate cradling of the parting track, its tender and tortured bruising bitter sweetly head bowed, vulnerable and tearfully touching, a moment alone. these are the two tracks that book end a quietly irresistible cassette release by Yves Malone titled ‘Cicuta Maculata’ through the ERR REC imprint, ‘asterids’ and ‘Vale, Vera Fuit Eius’ be their names respectively.


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