Folclore Impressionista / Ondness

Brought to our attention by Mat Pulselovers by way of note simply saying, ‘thought this might be up your street’. Indeed it is, by way of the Lisbon, Portugal based Russian Library imprint this be a mighty fine lathe cut 7-inch split pairing together Folclore impressionista and Ondness. Folclore Impressionista should be no strangers to those keeping tabs on groove heading out of the Woodford Halse community, having featured on the labels third volume of ‘undulating waters’ gatherings, incidentally mentioned here found here dropping ‘remember’, perhaps an eclipsing cosmic herald or a celestial fanfare, whatever the case may be, this star gazing serene comes tripped in an affectionate array of mesmerically murmurred kosmische flotillas and pulsars, really quite lulling and I dare say, desirable. Previously unknown to us, at least prior to now that is, Ondness drop ‘Volta da Ajuda’, a little something that you might want to crank up the volume for because this is seriously cut with an ultra minimalist phrasing, the spared glitch chattering, the oddly disjointed jazz motifs, the chamber like briefings and ethereal tethering all colluding to usher in the kind of micro tech sparseness that in another time or place would have found a welcoming home on the fringes of the Smallfish, Rednetic and Boltfish community.

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