Haven’t a clue where we got this from, we have tabs within tabs now with stray tracks we’re obviously saving for mention at some future point. What we like about this can be summed up easily, so simple, so steady and just veering on the right side of sublime, that is of course, if your listening loves purr to the sounds of the Breeders, Belly and the Sundays. Anyway, this particular cutie, incidentally called ‘summer’ is culled from an imminent full length set titled ‘future from here’ through Onomatopoeia. The solo project of one, Jen Macro here operating under the guise of Hurtling. Possessed of a serious early 90’s lo-fi swing, in many respects this nugget has something of split personality about its persona, the first two minutes harnessed upon a trancing lazy eyed looping riff lollop occasioned by momentary brief showers of rupturing distortion. It kinda ambles along cheerily carefree like this until the 2.22 mark whereupon matters start to blister, fracture and fragment, the effect crystallising when out the grunge growled melee and confusion, emerges a serene sky soaring stratospheric.

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