Don’t know about you folks, but these Brexit squabbles are really beginning to grate, I mean, are our political commentators and the general poplace at large blind to the fact, that regardless of the Letwin vote lost today, that this was what Johnson and his followers wanted all along. There was no deal, it was a smoke screen, they had no intention of seeing it through, this now finally brings into play what the Blonde Bufoon has promised all along, leave in a rush with no deal and blame the fall out on everyone else except himself and his contemptable colleagues. So, what’s provoked this reaction, you usually steer clear of the petty arguments and yes, on any other day, I’d agree with you that it’s not worth commenting on, it’ll only eat you up. But then earlier today, there dropped a new teaser track from Revbjelde, breaking a long silence with news of an imminent album titled ‘Hooha Hubbub’ to come. the track ‘the Forks’ came to us via a little message ‘seeing as we are at a crossroads today…..’, I’m suspecting a stand alone track given that this appears to be an austerity cut line up of the band featuring just Alan and Jim all threaded and stitched with haunting sound apertures ripped from the mainstream media. It’s typically trademark Revbjelde groove, starting off quietly, it slowly begins to assume something of an approaching storm cloud carrying a message of impending portent, its gloomed apocalyptic underbelly confused, fractured and set at odds with an almost neutered, inevitable, abject and bored relief brought to the fore by the lightly flashed flute florets that serve to sugar the bittering pill.

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