Demónio António / Vuduvum

The third of those trio of recents from Russian Library, sure we could have mentioned it the other day, but then we didn’t want accusations of favouritism heading en masse our way. Again an ultra-limited 7-inch lathe cut split, I think each number 20 in total, this particular release pairing together Demónio António and Vuduvum. The fact that these releases often pit something cosmically vintage with something, shall we setlle for, off the wall and abstract, is a point that hasn’t been lost on us, only none more apparent than on this particular outing. Demónio António services the stable side of proceedings with the lock grooved hypnotic ‘Psssst!’, a silent celestial observer, this orbital pulsar simplistic and minimal, is touched with a silver age analogue nostalgia whose cosmic carousel / ice cream van remoteness touches base on a sound spectrum where are located, Palace of Swords, Sonic Boom and Sunray. over on the flip awaits Vuduvum with the skittishly goofed out ‘Au fim au cabo’, now this is seriously old school Radiophonica featuring a cleverly kooky use of cut ups, locked grooves and speed manipulations, its oddness and strangeness affectionate and playful for the best part reveals an impish surrealist talent at work working to an anything goes palette that wouldn’t look to out of place on either the Bearsuit imprint or the much missed Frank Wobbly & Sons label.

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