pretty mortified to admit, how the hell did we miss this ‘un. released in August, the only explanation to the oversight that we can give, is that we were in a haze of indifference due to other matters overtaking our life and that this skipped past when we were doing one of our absentee from posting routines. we refer to Junkboy whose “Trains, Trees, Topophilia” full length we are busily catching up on and from off which the delightfully demurring drift away ‘Fulfil’ has just been sent forth as a single. available on the usual digital platforms as well as CD and a limited lathe cut pressing (a copy of which we really must bag as our own). An opportunity to step back for three minutes, deeply inhaling a second or two to just let the moment wash over you, both simple and effective, there’s an immaculate restful calm about ‘fulfil’, the craftmanship and detailing both deftly delicate, its airy genteel dappled in a faraway simplicity that’s lightly freckled in a dozing oceanic serene as it bobs along in its own little space undeterred by the outside world and somewhat insulated in the moment, utterly lulling.

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