mr ben and the bens

Why oh why am I getting an uncontrollable urge to dig out the Snails ‘safe in silence’ album. For certain, aside the fact that Snails coincidentally have a track by the name ‘Jennifer Jones’ – see album title / track here, there’s a wonderfully breezy innocence that draws a comparable line between the two, that sense that you can’t immediately pick out the influences with ease, each opting to subtly weave a tapestry that draws on the many yet in fact draws on the none. This is Mr Ben and the Bens of whom we did in fact, trip across way back earlier in the year, an accidental but most rewarding discovery during one of our random bandcamp jaunts (see An album, debut in fact, released today through the Bingo imprint titled ‘who knows Jenny Jones?’ from off which we’ve found ourselves a little smitten with ‘the gravediggers dance’. Possessed of a wonderfully sunny disposition, there’s a melting bitter sweet dialogue afoot here that hugs and consoles in equal measure, a fragile vulnerability flowered in a strangely becoming off kilter radiance rarely heard around these here parts since those debuting platters from Jumbo way back when we were much, much younger. Add in the softly yearnful 60’s freckling and the subtle airiness of the delicately dimpled lightly dusted psych folk seasoning and you have yourself a distractive earworm of some quietly spun measure.

There’s also a tour type thing going on calling in at ……

Sat 26 October: Huddersfield – Northern Quarter
Sun 27 October: Newcastle: Cumberland Arms
Tue 29 October: Manchester – Gulliver’s
Wed 30 October: Nottingham – Rough Trade
Thur 31 October: Cardiff – The Moon
Fri 1 November: London – Sebright Arms
Sat 2 November: Sheffield – Delicious Clam

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