Was it not the good folk of the Fruits de Mer community that persuaded out of hibernation lost folk souls Opel and Reverb Worship too, releasing a handful of vault finds spliced with newly peeled recordings in typical limited edition variants. It seems fitting that these two soundhouses should feature latterly or should that be currently, in the Opel story, both seemingly known and indeed, praised for their championing of those who’ve fallen between the cracks and beneath the radar of would be like minded admirers, whether that be through remaining in the shadows, being sadly ignored, following a musical flag commonly derided like say, for instance Prog or indeed simply being in the wrong place and the wrong time as is the case of Opel, both labels have provided a safe haven for the orphaned. These days paired down to a duo, Claire and Warren, have taken the original sonic template of Opel and gently guided it into more mystical and magical terrains. Forging alliances with the Future Wizards imprint with the release of the ultra limited 100 only one sided vinyl happening ‘Wicker Hymns – parts 1 – 3’ they’ve afforded their craft a chance to expand, mutate and immerse itself into to their unique take on, what is referred to by some as, Wicker Rock. This fifteen minute triptych finds the duo working within the spectrums of acid, stoner, soft psychedelia and Brit Folk Horror, together weaving a gloriously hypnotic tapestry whose mercurial stare is noticeably fashioned with a particular eye for Curved Air and a little less obviously, All About Eve as revealed on the tripped out hazy ‘the Witch’ which, with its authentic vintage glazing of Woodstock like, lost in the moment trancey-ness, the impeccable cascade of riff dissolves opine seductively melting and morphing to form a kaleidoscopic cloak of stoned out blissfulness. Book-ending the main event are ‘dance of the fire blower’ and ‘Mugwin’s tune’, the former a breezy entree turned and trimmed by the carefree and delectable lolloping play of deftly spun rustic charms, while the latter, as teasingly brief as it, emerges from the dream draped opiated fog bathed in a dawn breaking radiant optimism coolly replete with Who-esque threads.


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