Churn Milk Joan

Was it really nearly a year ago that we first encountered the frazzled talents of Churn Milk Joan, ah we still suffer flashbacks from the video see Fast forward to now with the release ‘I’m nearly 60 miles high’, quite possibly the last recordings the duo will ever make given the sad news that Richard Knutson was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in June of this year. Over the summer there’s been a frantic attempt at Knutson’s request, to record as much as possible before the effects of the disease made it impossible to carry on playing. And this here is it. A wonderfully skewed and scrambled slab of strung out surrealist stew, we here particularly adoring of both ‘teatime in space’ with its barking off centred Beefheart-ian jazz stoked blues and the parting ‘I’ve never seen a film without you in it’ which even mellowed and curved with a degree of ‘normalised musicality'(read – woozy lazy eyed chamber noir last chance saloon type sultry) still manages to waywardly drift off the songsheet in search of mischief. But then tucked in between these two loves, the duo’s creative oddness is acutely fried and fractured in a way that suggests they’ve collectively had a listening overdose of Zappa, case in point being the wasted n’smoking and far out and gone ‘hand me the jump leads’ while the crookedly playful ‘trading cards on the balcony’ with it skewiff and remote kraut surfed electro erratics imagines the Flying Lizards in a face off with a seriously flippant Bill Nelson hogging the lead vocals. Somewhere else, admirers of both Petunia Liebling McPumpkin and Tuxedo Moon, indeed, you couldn’t get more contrast, might well find yourselves delightfully distracted by the becoming wyrdness of ‘Spanish Graduation’ while there’s certainly a whiff of Barry Adamson orchestrating the chamber atmospherics of the shadow playing gem ‘the second day of creation’.

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