james mcarthur and the head gardeners

And since we mentioned Wonderfulsound records a minute or so ago, a little nugget from that label. Somewhere about our person, I know we’ve recently received a copy of RW Hedges quite wonderful full length (slightly delayed due to a two week strike at our local postal sorting office – don’t ask), which I’m sure is called ‘the hills are old songs’ though don’t quote me on that just yet as right this minute I can’t lay my hands upon it. Anyhow, hang fire a few days and much fondness will appear here. For now, those subscribing to the labels Wonderfulsevens series, (i’m not certain we’ve got ours yet) should have received a copy of James McArthur and the Head Gardeners’ irresistible ‘tourist town’. As previously, the subscription variants come with all the usual inserts, a complimentary ticket, a label coaster, one of those spindle inserts (what are they called – spiders or something daft like that) for playing jukebox sevens all housed in autographed sleeves. beautifully understated, there’s a sweetly mellowed subtle West Coat tang shining through ‘tourist town’ as it hops, swerves and succulently weaves its honeyed lazy eyed hush all the time tumbling tenderly to a warmly tweaked palette trimmed in pastoral posies and porch lit purrs. Over on the flip, the equally engaging ‘plane sailors’ softly drifts nonchalantly forming an invisible line that links together a youthful Tunng with the much missed and criminally underrated Beatgliders.


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