Quick message from their press folk reads ‘where you ever a fan of this lot?’ Couse we were, a handful of singles from the late 90’s will attest to that, but then life takes over, listening habits change and then in the blink of an eye you wake up one morning to find twenty years have flown by while you slept. Making it more annoying, the fact that while your eye was off the ball these folk continued kicking out albums for fun. With the 20th anniversary of their ‘a week away’ debut about us, Spearmint are set to release ‘are you from the future’ through hitBACK from off which, ’24 hours in A and E’ has been sent ahead on scouting detail. Hell’s teeth it’s a good ‘un, it seems as last minute late entrant on the albums final settled tracklist and something that ought to appeal first hand, to those dudes of cool over at Wonderfulsound given that this is brushed with the kind of slickly smooth panache of the Superimposers in all their pomp and majesty, mind you add in a little Edwin Moses and Emperor Penguin and the glitzy glitterball lounge funk vibes wonderfully drenching these grooves with their citric tones, spray your listening space in an adorable sunny feel good radiance. Resistance as they say, is useless

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