A DefSeventh Masquerade

A quick message from Steve of Negative Response giving us the heads up on a new free to download covers compilation put out by the Doncaster Electronic Foundation folk, which the NR collective have contributed two tracks to. Serving to shine a light on those operating on the outer fringes of the electronic spectrum, ‘a defseventh masquerade’ may well provide something of a listening distraction to those much fond of the sounds icily thawing to fall out of the Polytechnic Youth community. As said, Negative Response’s twin set is capped by a totally revamped and re-imagined take on the Lady in the Radiator’s ‘in heaven’ from Lynch’s iconic ‘Eraserhead’ flick, admittedly not as strange as the original, but then the original was helped by the haunting film footage it accompanied. Instead, on this occasion, a strange pop warmth is at play, beneath the glacial gospel tonings, the slowly peeled trip hop beats coolly usher a slick down tempo phrasing whose slick sophistication had us, momentarily imagining EMA channelling Grails. Somewhere else they serve up ‘I’m with the In Crowd’ and into the bargain retune and calibrate it with a suave and coolly aloof futuristic fashioning that wires directly into the mainframe of a ‘no 1 in heaven’ era Sparks albeit as though fronted or at least, under the guiding influence, of Karl Bartos. Okay guilty pleasures time, I’ve always had a soft spot for Amii Stewart’s cover of Floyd’s (Eddie not Pink) ‘knock on wood’, here left in the hands of the Jan Doyle Band they culture an insanely infectious and frantic freakstorm gouged with a killer glam grooving aplenty all smoked with a Blitz club electro shocking. Has there ever been an electro version of the Undertones immortal ‘teenage kicks’, I certainly don’t recall one, so it might be that Icicle Boy can easily claim it as a first. Very much timelocked in the early 80’s, there’s a slick electro pop minimalism that strangely veers into a Depeche Mode stirring variant of the Assembly (indeed, the Vince Clarke off shoot that featured … er …. Feargal). Going to stick my neck out into admitting I’ve never heard the Britney original of ‘Toxic’ here recovered by Jeff McCall and given a darkly shadow playing soul toning that has more than a whiff of Marc and the Mambas about its wares, which i’m sure you’ll agree is no bad thing, so why oh why do I keep humming Duran Duran’s ‘the Chauffeur’. Stir Fry Pop Star turn in an immaculately soul scarred version of Radiohead’s ‘bullet proof…wish I was’, a little something trimmed with a softly stirring hidden optimistic uplift. Elsewhere, 2 Unlimited’s ‘no limits’ is drastically re-scaled by Claire, I must admit I had a quick double take of this, its pretty much unrecognisable, reduced as it is to a life support pulsar replete with, I must say, an attractive snaking motif. Those fancying there’s listening sounding like a classic era glam graced Soft Cell c. ‘mutant moments’ albeit as though remixed and remodelled by a cold waving Pet Shop Boys should immediately press select on the Webb utterly perfect take on the Smiths’ ‘what difference does it make’. Somewhere else, tracksuit managers scuzz fuzz up the Knack’s ‘my sharona’ in a mock up punk-ish lo-fying Devo-esque stylee leaving Autorotation to go head to head with Republica’s ‘ready to go’ emerging from the other side rewired with a scabbing minimal technoid industrial re-tuning.


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